Such a relaxing environment. Dr. Tripp makes sure you are comfortable, explains what he is doing, talks you through the treatment, and listens to your concerns. A wonderful healing experience. I highly recommend him.
— Jacinta P.

Happy Clients


Came in for my first visit after experiencing severe neck pain. The office is clean, staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Tripp analyzed my issue, then gave me a decompression treatment, rapid release therapy, an adjustment and then left me with rock tape on the issue area. Even though they didn't except my insurance, the entire appointment was still very affordable. They were even able schedule a follow up on a Sunday. Very happy to have a neighborhood chiropractor.

— sean H.

As a fellow chiropractor, I have to say that I am extremely impressed by Dr. Tripp’s skill and bedside manner. His patients seem to love him and his office is beautiful.

— Dr. Britt

I am writing another review for Brewerytown Chiropractic and Zach Tripp. I went two weeks ago because I had severe pain under my rib cage - shooting pain and throbbing plus back and shoulder pain. Zach treated me, and I was almost totally better immediately. He really listens and uses different modalities to treat you. I highly recommend Brewerytown Chiropractic.

— ellen w.

Knowledgeable staff, top of the line equipment, and a great atmosphere. Great addition to the neighborhood.

— bowen j.


Great experience and Dr. Tripp makes you feel right at home. Truly a gem in the greatest neighborhood in the world.

— jimmy s.

As a professional, Dr. Tripp took the time to listen to exactly what was wrong, diagnose, and come up with an excellent regimen. He also explained exactly what I should expect and why. He made it a very simple process. Will be back soon.

— john k.

Dr. Tripp is knowledgeable, intuitive and affordable. Also willing to work together to find solutions based on the wisdom of my body, rather than talking me into things or telling me what I need. 

— ashley r.

Great Great Great, he has me upright and walking again.

— francina e.


Great service, caring and professional. Thumbs up!

— erika m.

I cannot begin to offer enough accolades to the quality of care and attention that Zach provides to his patients. I sustained an injury while in the military 15 years ago and since then have explore every type of pain management known. Before coming to Brewerytown Chiropractic the only option I had left was a very invasive surgery that doesn't have a high percentage of sustainable success and would effect the quality of my life moving forward.

Through the veterans choice program I was able to explore this as an alternative option and am grateful for it. After only 2 weeks of treatment 3x a week. I had the first pain free day in 15 years. Zach is not only passionate and talented in what he does but he consistently works on improving his own knowledge and techniques with a sphere of highly qualified professionals to ensure he is always providing his best. Thank you!!!!

— sean g.

I highly recommend Brewerytown Chiropractic. Very skilled, knowledgeable, thoughtful Chiropractor. Totally saved me!

— yona s.


I have been going to Brewerytown Chiropractic for the past year. They take insurance and Dr. Tripp has been wonderful in treating my lower back issues.

— John T.

Dr. Tripp is a lifesaver. Today I woke up with excruciating back pain and I could barely move. I have a couple of back issues and I knew that I am not the easiest case. I wrote Dr. Tripp hoping I could get an emergency appointment on a last minute contact on a Sunday. Amazingly he called me and fit me into his busy schedule after hearing my problem. He took extra cautious care with my issue at the office using a wide range of modern and traditional chiropractic techniques. I am a osteopathic medical student and actually have a manipulation practical final tomorrow, and without him, do not know if I would have been able to perform all the techniques to pass my exam. Looking forward to more appointments with him coming up soon as my back already feels so much better. He spent ample time with me and followed up soon after - not many healthcare providers are like this and would recommend him to anyone in the Philly area.

— jake k.

I love getting there early so I can relax and listen to the music before getting my adjustment by doctor Zach. He does awesome work and the place is clean and the staff is very helpful. I recommend him to everyone. So stop by set up a appointment because your body matter!!!

— David b.


Dr. Tripp takes the time to understand my unique symptoms, and he tailors each treatment to address my particular problems. He is more thorough than any other chiropractor that I have visited. I always leave his office feeling loose and limber.

— patrick d.

Great first time experience from Dr. Zachary Tripp. I recently had a neck injuring and Dr. Tripp was able to professionally diagnose the proper treatment. 1 hour later I had full mobility back in my neck. I originally came in having almost zero ability to look left without pain. Thanks Brewerytown Chiropractic. I highly recommend this office as it was quite and comfortable. Lastly, the doctor had some seriously cool music paying softly in the background to make you feel at ease.

— Kevin k.

I can't say enough good things about Dr Tripp! I'm pregnant with # 2 and have a lot of pelvic/ pubic pain. It's been close to two months and my pain is so much less! He treats it like a sports injury - working on and stretching the muscles and tendons, showing me stretches, giving me stretchy sports tape (great pain reliever) - and it's working! I had this with my first pregnancy but this place wasn't open then and I just lived through a lot of pain. I'm so happy he's close by - can't beat a 5 minute walk! I work a lot and his hours are great. He also has great bedside manners as pelvic/pubic pain while pregnant is embarrassing for me - but as a true professional, it doesn't faze him. He's trained in the Webster method and has pregnancy pillows, etc to accommodate this.

— rana s.

Love this place!  He has completely erased my chronic back pain and always has helpful suggestions for supplements or activities I can do to improve my overall health.  I love it here!

— renea r.


I've had consistent back problems since I was a little girl. I went through with breast reduction surgery last year, hoping it would alleviate some of the pain. Although it was a huge help, I still have neck and joint pain in my wrists from what I can only assume is carpal tunnel. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Tripp in hopes he could relieve some of the pressure and pain. I am SO happy that I did! He was super inquisitive, asking questions that were attentive to my pain. Not only did he give me a great adjustment, but he was extremely knowledgable in his practice and took the time to explain why he was doing it and how it was helping me. He concentrated on the points that bothered me the most, especially my neck and wrists. His assistant also helped ease tension in my muscles. It's very rare to find a doctor and staff who takes time with each individual, and Dr. Tripp is one of the few who will do this with his patients. As a woman, I felt extremely comfortable in his care. I already notice relief in my neck and back, and look forward to my next appointment with Dr. Tripp.

— Krissy s.

I went for the first time today and had a great experience. I am already starting to feel pain relief. Thank you!

— Ashley p.

I’m new to Philly. I was in need of a good chiro and this business popped up on NextDoor. It is walking distance to my house. I walked there yesterday and received outstanding treatment. Can’t wait to go back next week! Dr. Tripp is amazing. You will not be disappointed.

— Jackie p.

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